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Swim Vest VS Life Jackets VS Puddle Jumper

Update time : 2021-08-30

Swim vests are not life saving devices and are not a suitable substitute for life jackets. Life jackets are designed to help a person in the water remain in an upright position, with their head above water, whether they are moving or not.
Swim vests do not do this, they are designed instead to help children achieve a natural swimming position when learning to swim, whilst still enabling them to go under water if they wish. When a child is using a swim vest for the first time, it is best to hold their hands until they learn how to balance in the water.
Children must be supervised at all times when in or near water.

swim vest vs life jackets vs puddle jumper

What’s a puddle jumper?

It’s almost guaranteed that you’ve seen a Puddle Jumper. Just go to a pool on any given day and you’ll see numerous toddlers decked out in their bright and fun Puddle Jumpers.
Stearns, the manufacturer of Puddle Jumpers, was inspired by the arm floaties of the past. They work even better than floaties though. After all, Puddle Jumpers have the Coast Guard seal of approval.
Puddle Jumpers are put on by slipping the child’s arms in the floats. It is then buckled in the back for a tight fit.
The Stearns flotation vest keeps a child’s head, chest, and arms afloat, allowing for easier and more confident swimming.