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Swim Vest Instruction

Update time : 2021-08-30

Learning to swim is an exciting time for your child but it can also be quite daunting for them, especially if they’re nervous about being in the water. Swim vests are designed to support children in a natural swimming position and to improve their confidence in the water.

What are swim vests?

Swim vests and jackets are worn over swimming costumes or shorts to help children achieve a natural position in the water when learning to swim. They are a buoyancy aid so work with a child’s natural buoyancy to help increase their safety level when in water. The vests feature removable floats which can be taken out gradually as a child’s confidence and swimming ability improve. Vests with non-removable floats are also available.
Some float vests also have the added advantage of UPF to help protect children’s delicate skin from the sun and are made of neoprene to keep children warmer in cool water.

swim vest instruction

How swim vest helps children learn to swim?

Once your child is big enough to stay upright and hold their head up above the water they are ready to try a swim vest. Unlike arm bands, which position a child’s arms above their chest and restrict arm movement, swim vests fit snuggly to the torso, allowing children to have a full range of movement.
Swim vests help position children in a natural swimming position in the water, whilst proving extra buoyancy as they learn to swim. You will be able to hold onto your child’s hands while the vest keeps them afloat as they learn to kick in the water. As they become more confident, you will be able to let go, knowing that the swim vest will keep them afloat.
Swim vests are ideal for older children and adults who enjoy snorkelling as they provide stability and comfort when exploring the water for longer periods.